Saturday, May 25, 2013

the eight part of speech

Before I explain about verb, i would like to discuss about THE EIGHT PARTS OF SPEECH.
therefore, who anyone want to know about english to be the best,and to be master,  so must understand THE EIGHT PARTS OF SPEECH.
1.     Noun
2.     Pronoun
3.     Verb
4.     Adjective
5.     Adverb
6.     Preposition
7.     Conjuction
8.     Interjection
But i would like to discuss about verb
Verb is state something to work or do it something
Example: write, run, take bath, etc.
Verb have three type are:
1.      First form        :Verb I
2.      Second form   :Verb II
3.      Third form       :Verb III
·         The change of verb I to be Verb II and verb III is uniform can called by REGULAR VERB.
Regular verb is addition –ed
Example:         study              studied            studied

                        Call                  called               called
·         There is no uniform can called by IRREGULAR VERB, the way of change from verb I and verb II and verb III, change the spelling and this verb must to memorize, because the word more or less 200 vocabulary.
Example:         go                                went                            gone
                        See                              saw                              seen

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